Hello Everyone, my name is Tony and I am a network creator from Italy. I though to write a short review as appreciation for Ning platforms and to invite my fellow Italians to try it. I have started using Ning back in 2014. I still remember the great impression I had when I discovered it. At the time it wasn't much known in the Country. What I really like about Ning is that it's a social network that help you make your own social network. Can you imagine that?

To me Ning represents a website that everyone can access and meet people with common grounds, and that's a brilliant.
What really distinguish Ning from other networks is that members have control and can decide which rules they want to set and follow so they can shape who they would like their social network.

User experience is terrific! There are amazing tools for discussion and to share content. Interface is easy and gives many ways to post and contribute.
For example, there's the opportunity to comment on members pages, discuss issues in threaded forum topics, post pictures, videos, and podcasts, create interest groups, add friends to your profile, and much more. Ning enables you to create and discover social networks for the most important people and interests in your life, the social networking as a whole has become a true phenomenon. I love the Ning platform and am very excited about the networks I have created and those in which I participate. I must say I truly appreciate all the amazing work the Ning team have done in order to provide us with a great platform that enables to create communities.

Throughout the years Ning it’s always the best. I appreciate Ning 3.0 but I adore Ning 2.0. Creating new networks with NING 2.0 will only be a dream? Have you ever thought that many creators would be extremely happy to create new networks with the Ning 2.0 platform? I think that being able to choose would be a very good development. At the same time each creator would be able to create more networks. I believe that out there many people love Ning 2.0 and I hope this dream will one day will come true.

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Caro Tony spero che questo sogno diventi realtà. Forse Ning ascolterà il tuo appello. Mi spiace che non hai membri che ti aiutano in questo. Ho visto anche il gruppo che hai aperto su Facebook. Non ci sono condivisioni e non ti aiutano. 



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